pencil-sharpenerHiring the right editor for your job is important because editors have different approaches, skills, and areas of expertise.

I edit in Microsoft Word, using the Track Changes feature. For book editing, I will do a sample edit to give you a good sense of how I will approach your project—and to help you feel confident moving forward together. Proofreading is done on hard copy or in a PDF. Consultations take place in person or by phone.

I charge by the hour or by the project and provide free estimates. Feel free to contact me, and we can get started!

Book Proposal Critiques

Give feedback on the structure, content, and voice of book proposals, including whether your market is clearly identified. Offer platform-building tips.

Business Editing and Proofreading

Apply agreed-upon style guidelines. Polish press releases, reports, catalogs, websites, and more. Help prepare and edit Wikipedia pages.

Consulting on Writing and Publishing

Provide guidance, instruction, and support to help you advance your skills and achieve your goals. Offer direction and resources on self-publishing and mainstream publishing, including how to develop an author platform.


Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and infelicities of language; minimize jargon and repetition; ensure consistency of styling and facts; insert headings; approximate the placement of graphics, tables, and sidebars; insert typesetter codes (if requested).

Critiques and Manuscript Evaluations

Provide feedback and suggestions on any written material. For nonfiction manuscripts, I address content, organization, tone, and editorial matters. For fiction manuscripts, I address characterization, dialogue, point of view, plot, and pacing.

Developmental Editing

Help you refine the structure, content, and voice of your nonfiction material, starting with an outline or rough manuscript.

Line Editing (Substantive Editing)

This detailed level of editing takes into account the big picture as well as line-by-line corrections as described under Copyediting; it can involve research, fact-checking, rewriting, and reorganization. For fiction, I consider the pacing, points of view, dialogue, and the believability and consistency of characters.


Identify typos and typesetting errors on documents that have already been edited and designed.

Resumes and Vitae

Write, edit, and format. All resumes and vitae are customized to distinguish your personal goals, skills, and experience, as well as your aesthetic sensibility.

Writing and Rewriting

Provide new text from material supplied by you or create new text to convey your message clearly, accurately, and effectively.