“Jody provided me with a fair quote after carefully reviewing the task, set the parameters for our collaboration, respected my editor’s own style and contribution, and completed the project ahead of schedule and in superb fashion. Jody took the project to heart and went beyond the mechanical process of copyediting. I felt as though the people about whom I had written meant something special to her and that she felt an obligation to them as well as to me. It made working with her a joy. Needless to say, I have recommended her to colleagues in Europe who need the polish and skill of someone of Jody’s caliber. I will definitely return to her for my next book!”

Suzanne Hoffman, attorney, food and travel writer, and author of Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte

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“Jody Berman helps you write better.  I am now working with Jody on our fourth project together. One of the most difficult things for a writer to find is someone who can give notes that actually make the writing better. Someone who recognizes when the quality of the work can, and should, be better. That’s what she does. And she does it very, very well.”

Marc Sotkin, TV producer/writer, known for The Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley, and book author

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“When I first sat down with Jody, I had no idea she was revered as the Queen Editor in Boulder and elsewhere. She polished and tightened my memoir so that it sparkles. I used Jody for both editing and proofreading. She is easy to work with, proficient, professional, and has a fast turnaround. I will continue to use Jody and will recommend her for anyone needing editorial services.”

Molly Kate Brown, author of Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story

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“Jody is a consummate professional. As a first-time author, I feel fortunate to have her on my team. She is insightful, thorough, and knows her craft. She is responsive and well prepared for our phone and in-person meetings. I’ve appreciated her graciousness and kindness in our interactions. Jody’s work elevated the quality of my memoir—my mission and a lifelong dream—I’m grateful for her energy in this marathon process.”

Sue Wang, author of Messages from the Black Recliner: A Memoir of Healing Body and Spirit, Reiki master, and psychological astrologer

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“Thank you so much for such a fine job in copyediting Girl in Hyacinth Blue. You have a keen eye for detail and a careful sensitivity.”

Susan Vreeland, New York Times best-selling author

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“Jody, you were the perfect balance of professional editor and thoughtful coach. Not only did you make my book better, I believe I am a better author as I approach future projects.”

David Cass, author of The Strategic Student: Successfully Transitioning from High School to College Academics

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“My book could not have been compiled without the help of my longtime editor extraordinaire, Jody Berman. Thank you, Jody, for polishing up my diamond in the rough and also for your superb attention to detail, and incredible speed, which once again allowed me to make that looming deadline.”

Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RD, LDN, best-selling author of Prevent a Second Heart Attack: 8 Foods, 8 Weeks to Reverse Heart Disease, and others

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“Jody was the last editorial eye on my novel, and she did an excellent job of catching errors both grammatical and textual. Jody went above and beyond what I expected . . . to make sure everything was in its right place. Jody . . . has always been encouraging. She’s one of the voices I heard in my head insisting that this is an important book. That kept me going many times. A woman with a gentle red pencil, a sharp eye, industry savvy, and a big, big heart, Jody Berman is my editing heroine for life!”

Cynthia Morris, author of Chasing Sylvia Beach, creativity coach, and speaker

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“Not only is Jody precise, she’s insightful and incredibly supportive. While working with her, I could feel her genuine investment in my success, and that gave me confidence. . . . I look forward to working with her again!”

Michelle Colston, author of The Alchemy of Charlotte Goodwin (forthcoming)

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“I’ve worked with Jody on my resume more than once. She can correct technical details and offer suggestions on how to make a visually effective resume. Also essential, Jody is a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

—Christine Honnen, water conservationist